Better website = better business results.

Working with a Weg design agency doesn’t have to be confusing process.

We simply focus on the results and goals you want to achieve and how we can make those happen with a website.

Why would you want to work with Progress Designs?

Personalised solutions

As there is no other person like you, there is no other business like yours.

You have specific obstacles to growth, wants, needs, and goals. We promise to make the best possible effort to understand those and go above and beyond to help you achieve them.

Benefits over features

How often did you find yourself confused with Web design language and terms?
With us, you will get a clear explanation of what needs to be done and why. Think of it as going to a doctor. You don’t get the anatomy of the problem. You get the diagnose and steps on how to solve it.

Result orientated

Beautiful websites should also bring you the results that you want.

Saving time on repetitive questions or tasks, reaching the right customers, increasing customer engagement and sales, building trust and establishing you as an expert in the field.

You have full control

After completion of the project and your satisfaction, you get the files transferred to your domain and you are in complete control. No indefinite monthly payments or binding contracts where you can lose your website!

For a small monthly fee, we can maintain and keep your website in top shape.

About us

Web design agency in Amsterdam



Web Design

Create a website that looks professional and is responsive across all devices and helps you with your biggest goal.



Take your brick & mortar business online and acquire new customers.

Improve or redesign your existing webshop.


Make your website optimized, fast and abundant with relevant content for your industry to attract and convert new customers with our SEO service.

Web maintanance

Regular maintenance guarantees your website is up to date so you ensure its security and steady traffic.


Web Hosting

This is the place where your website exists on the internet.

We help you to choose the right hosting for your needs.

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